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About Your Baker

     I grew up watching my mom bake cakes for our immediate family and by request from other family members. For the past 25 years I have been a part of this tradition, started by my mom, by making cakes for family and friends during the holidays and special events. I started making mini Bundts as personal cakes during gathers and they quickly became a fan fav. Being an Instructional Coach at my school, I recently used my baking skills to show my appreciation for the teachers and staff at my school, by making mini Bundts for the winter holidays and received raved reviews.

     For this recent Valentine’s Day, my school administration wanted to do something for the staff to show their appreciation and I volunteered to make Red Velvet cakes to contribute. After the rave reviews again and my fellow colleagues expressing how I should put my skills into a business, Blue’s Bundts and Treats was born. As soon as I told my colleagues about my ambition and goals, they were right on-board making orders, providing ideas and words of encourage to help me make it a reality! My passion for providing joy to other through baking started a spark that is now growing larger and larger each day. Let me be your baker for all your events and gathering, so that you too can taste the joy and love within my homemade baked goods!